On Saturday, September 29, 2018, Noble Academy held a seminar about “Understanding Social and Emotional of Gifted Children”. The keynote speaker was Dr. Julia Maria van Tiel. She is well known as an initiator and advisor for the Gifted Children Community from the Netherlands.

In her presentation, Dr. Julia explains that the gifted children tend to experience difficulties in adjusting to the environment and peers, so that it appears as social and emotional behavior problems. It is due to their emotional development is not synchronized with their age. Generally, social and emotional behavior problems that occurred are: afraid of making mistakes because their perfectionism, excessive anxiety, depression and frustration, sleep problem, desire for suicide, rebellion, distracting, etc.

Then, in the discussion session, Dr. Julia discusses how to recognize gifted children with their particular potential, and which attracted enough attention from parents and teachers who attended the seminar. At the end of the seminar, Dr. Julia gave suggestion to the audience, such as, we should learn the pattern of development of gifted children, able to adapt to the pattern of their development and give them direction with no violence.

Also, She warned us to be more careful in observing the child’s development, and it was not easy to label the children indicated by the “gifted syndrome” without thorough observation and involving competent parties. For the reason, Noble Academy was founded to provide excellent education, social opportunities and emotional encouragement, for intellectually gifted and talented students through a personally planned curriculum to fulfill the needs and competence of each student.