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Noble Academy is a homeschool educational institution that provides the best quality of education, social opportunities, and emotional support for all students with their unique talents and passions through a curriculum individually designed to fulfill their potential and needs.

Our Programs

A personalized curriculum and educational plan tailored for your children’s talents, passions, and needs.

Gifted and Talented Curriculum Noble Academy

Gifted & Talented Curriculum

Ignited Curriculum Noble Academy

IgnitED Curriculum

Kurikulum Bijak

Bijak Curriculum

Single Courses Noble Academy

Single Courses

Learn about what our students think while learning at Noble Academy

Learning Methodology

We provide learning opportunities with choices and mixes of different learning methodologies

Every child deserves the right education

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce fully functioning gifted and talented individuals who are competent as global and influential researchers, thinkers, inventors, and leaders.

Our Leadership Role

Noble Academy leadership team includes experts in blended learning, distance/ online learning, curriculum design, academic instruction, and evaluation for talented and gifted children.

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Noble Academy Admission

Our admissions process is designed to make sure Noble Academy is a good fit for your child.

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Our Achievements

Get a better understanding of Noble Academy’s academic achievements.

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Scholarship and Financial Aid

Yes, Noble Academy provides financial aid for gifted and talented children.

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What they say about Noble Academy

Lim Chia Chia

“Positive impact after he started this school is he loves this school so much. He never wants to skip class even a day, even when he is sick. The way he changed the perception of answering things or questions is totally different from what he had at the previous school.”

Mrs. Lim Chia Chia (Devin’s Mom)


“I feel like I’m not alone at Noble Academy, they are really welcoming and warm, I can focus more on my studies at Noble Academy because there are fewer people distracting me.”

Eldo, Grade 9 (Middle School)


“Noble Academy has given me a wonderful opportunity and experience in my high school. Noble Academy also gives me a chance to explore many things on my own. Every month, we have to do a project called “Passion Project”. There, we are allowed to choose our own project that’s related to our passion. At the end of the project, we have the opportunity to present our project in front of parents, friends, teachers, and other guests.”

Jemima, Grade 12 (High School)


“I have made lots of improvements in the years since I joined Noble Academy. At Noble Academy, they give us a good impression of online school. Using new format apps gives me a whole new different experience. It is fun that I can use my iPad for study all day and do it wherever I want to! Noble Academy has good teachers that keep the school gifted and talented for students!”

Jonathan, Grade 5 (Elementary)

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