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Single Courses


Both current Noble Academy students and students from outside Noble Academy are eligible to join the Single Course program. Moreover, one student can register for more than one Single Course program. Students from other homeschooling programs can also integrate Noble Academy’s Single Course into their studies. Each Single Course program has different age groups available. In order to check the age group eligibility of each program, please refer to the page of the specific program.

Project Based Learning Noble Academy (PBL)

Single Courses

It is common for students to not be able to learn and grow on the subjects they have huge interest in, or not being able to fulfill their potential on particular subjects due to the limitation and the rigidness of most school curriculums and programs. Noble Academy offers single courses in different subjects, both general and niche, in order for students’ interest and potential to be fulfilled while learning them in both innovative and fun ways. It is also a great way for students from outside Noble Academy to experience what studying in Noble Academy is like.

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Available Grades

Based on the subject


All students (both Noble Academy students and external students) from all grades (depending on the availability of the subject)


Depending on the course or program

Project-Based Learning at Noble Academy

Currently, Noble Academy offers single courses in these subjects:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

  • Deepening students’ understanding in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics using interactive and fun learning methodologies.
  • Available for grade: 4-6 and 7-9

    Passion Project

    • Project-based learning in which students will learn the steps involved in a project and experience it on their own in the field of their choosing
    • Available for grade: 4-9

    Creative Writing

    In the future, Noble Academy will offer single courses in these subjects:

    • Forensic Science

    • Language and Literature

    • Advanced Mathematics

    • VR-Based Science

    • VR-Based Social Studies

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