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Project-Based Learning

One of the learning models at Noble Academy that can develop students’ critical thinking skills is to use learning media in the form of projects.

learning with project based at Noble Academy
Project-Based Learning at Noble Academy

The purpose of project-based learning activities is to provide challenges for students related to problems that occur in everyday life in the surrounding environment for students to solve so that it will provide a meaningful learning experience for them.

PBL can be a meaningful learning experience for students because this activity is centered on students independently so that they build their knowledge while looking for solutions to a problem. They carry out an in-depth study or investigation of a topic or problems that they choose or like, weighty, relevant, and by the existing reality,

Skills that can be trained in PBL are communication, collaboration, creative and critical thinking skills. In addition, they will also learn responsibility, idea and time management, how to conduct research or research, self-assessment and reflection, and leadership.

One of the implementations of Project-Based Learning (PBL) at Noble Academy is the Passion Project. Students at Noble Academy have five weeks to carry out a project by carrying out procedures such as planning, implementation, and finalization stages. After the project ends in week 5, they will present the result in front of the audience such as; project supervisors, mentors, classmates, school staff, and parents.

Project-Based Learning at Noble Academy