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Differentiation Methodology

At Noble Academy, we conduct differentiation learning in instructional learning for students because we are aware that students are unique children and have differences in characteristics, diversity in abilities, intelligence, interests, and learning needs

Differentiation learning at Noble Academy is a practice of adjusting curriculum, teaching strategies, assessment strategies, and the school environment that supports the learning needs of students. In differentiated learning, the teacher focuses on the subject matter so that all students can explore the concepts of the subject matter. Students can understand and use ideas from the concepts taught according to their potential and learning speed.

There are three things in learning differentiation at Noble Academy. The first is content differentiation, where all content or subject matter that will be studied by students has considered the learning needs of students, starting from aspects of learning readiness, interests, learning profiles, level of difficulty, the complexity of content, and diversity of learning resources.

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Differentiation methodology at noble academy

Then the second is the differentiation process, where the teacher becomes a guide in the learning process of students based on the abilities, readiness, interests, and learning needs of students. For example, by developing varied activities that accommodate the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles of the students

Finally, the third is product differentiation, where students can show the results of their learning and work to the teacher, which reflects students’ understanding of the learning objectives. The form of the product can be various, such as writing, test results, performances, presentations, speeches, recordings, mind maps, and so on.