Noble Academy - Program and Academic

Program and Academic

Noble Academy offers a wide selection of program academics that are tailored to suit the needs of every gifted and talented child.

Gifted and Talented Curriculum

Gifted children need special education to nurture their strengths and turn their potentials into advanced achievement. Noble Academy offers a holistic approach for children with gifts and provides the right curriculum that fosters their talent development.

Gifted and Talented Curriculum
Ignited Curriculum

IgnitEd Curriculum

Each child has the right to an appropriate education. Our IngnitEd curriculum equips students with the skills necessary to succeed in a fast-changing world. Our curriculum is aligned with American National Standards (CCSS and NGSS), engages, and excites kids in their study.

Bijak Curriculum

To make learning more meaningful for students, Noble Academy uses a modified version of the national curriculum. Our curriculum is different from the way most people learn. It gives students chances to develop high-order thinking skills, which makes learning more interesting and challenging.

Kurikulum Bijak
Single Courses

Single Courses

One of the things Noble Academy has to offer is a wide range of single courses that are tailored to meet the needs of kids. It’s possible for them to take some courses online while they’re still in school. They have to go to it once a semester in order to get a report from the teacher.