Grade 4 – 9

Format: Blended Learning

Gifted children need special education to nurture their strengths and turn their potentials into advance achievement. Noble Academy offers a holistic approach for children with gifts and provides the right curriculum that fosters their talent development. Our curriculum aligned with the American National Standarts (CCSS and NGSS).

The gifted and talented program is designed to meet each child’s individual needs and learning style using a differentiated curriculum and enriched environment based on gifted education best practices. Students find enjoyment in project-based learning, challenged with inquiry-based learning, inspired by one-on-one mentors while cultivate their high-order thinking skills and the 21st century skills.

Who is eligible for this program?
  1. Students that are identified as gifted by standarized test typically have IQ above 130.
  2. Academically gifted learner with exceptional performance in school, enjoying learning and academic challenges.
  3. Students with potential to excel, bright or quick learners, hardworking and highly curious although many do not have high IQ when tested.