Mind Map Based Learning Methodology

Mind Map-Based Learning

In the learning process in class, Noble Academy students are also encouraged to use a mind map system. Mind mapping is a learning technique that utilizes visual images and graphic forms to build a foundation of knowledge.

The learning process using this Mind Map makes learning more fun while at the same time it requires creativity, criticality, activeness, and independence of students in achieving learning goals.

Mind maps can be used by students to convey important information that they think or receive in a simpler and more interesting way, namely by describing the flow and connecting the ideas in their minds into visual form. This is done in order to better understand, absorb and receive information optimally and thoroughly.

The mind maps used by students and teachers at Noble Academy are applications from Ayoa, MindMeister, and Buzan iMindMap.

mind map based learning noble academy
mind map based learning noble academy