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The Noble Academy’s newsletter offers you with an opportunity to discover more about the events, activities, and accomplishments of our gifted and talented students.

Oct 2022

Rise Up

The pandemic has created a generation that is resilient, creative and flexible. This is proved by the ease with which students can learn from variaitive ways.

In the middle of the first semester of 2022-2023 the online learning process has been changed to a hybrid and everything is running smoothly without any problems.

Up to now, Noble Academy has conducted several events to improve the quality of learning for students, teachers, and parents as well.

Noble Academy Newsletter December 2020
Noble Academy Newsletter Agustus 2020

Apr 2022

Stay Strong

“This bulletin contains articles, and information about programs written by the community of Noble Academy starting from the initial activities 2022 to activities this April 2022.

Lastly, we hope that the writings and information in this newsletter can add more information.

Dec 2020


“Happy new year 2021!

If we look back to 2020, of course, there are many things that we should be grateful for. 2020 is not an easy year, there are many challenges to be overcome. As an educational institution, although we have to make major changes in the teaching and learning process, everything can be passed smoothly and successfully.”

Noble Academy Newsletter December 2020
Noble Academy Newsletter Agustus 2020

Aug 2020

Distance Learning

“First of all we thank God Almighty, for allowing us to enter a new school year. Despite all the limitations of distance learning due to the pandemic, all Noblian are excited to finally be able to continue the teaching and learning process.

To provide the best service, during the semester holidays the teachers have participated in several trainings so that they get the Apple Certified Teacher and Google Certified Educator. This allows teachers to modify their instructions to be delivered online.”

May 2020

Virtual Learning

“March 13, exactly two days after the world health agency or WHO set Covid-19 Pandemic status, Noble Academy has taken the initiative to study remotely or distance learning until things really get better. When school is dismissed in the afternoon, no one thought that it was the last day the staff met in a work situation at this school year. The next day the Education Minister of Indonesia, Nadiem Makarim announced that temporarily closing schools with the aim of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.”

Noble Academy Newsletter May 2020