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Inquiry-Based Learning

At Noble Academy, we also implement Inquiry-Based Learning, which is a learner-centered learning system.

learning based on inquiry at Noble Academy

In the learning process at Noble Academy, students, with guidance from the teacher, learn actively in forming or building their own knowledge so that the teaching and learning process is not just a transfer of knowledge from teacher to student, but at Noble Academy, students are actively involved in the learning process.

The IBL model used at Noble Academy is by using a structured inquiry model, namely the 5-E learning cycle model consisting of the Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaborate, and Evaluate processes.

teacher interview student
inquiry based learning at noble academy

At the Engagement stage, students will be involved in asking questions as hypotheses based on phenomena presented by the teacher in class, while in the Exploration stage, students are invited to conduct experiments or collect data to answer hypotheses.

Then, at the Explanation stage, students will explain the concepts they have learned based on the previous exploration stage. In the next stage, Elaboration, students will apply or develop the concepts they have learned to new situations. Then, in the last stage, Evaluation, students will be given the opportunity to evaluate their own learning process based on the results of the stages they experienced previously.