Noble Academy Team and Staff
leadership role

Leadership Role

Noble Academy leadership team includes experts in blended learning, distance learning, curriculum design, academic instruction, and evaluation for talented and gifted children.

Nancy Dinar Direktur Noble Academy

Nancy Dinar, S.E., M.Div. | Founder and Director

Nancy Dinar’s passion for education has made her involved in teaching, training, counseling and coaching adults and children for more than twenty years. She holds a master’s degree from South Korea and is currently studying for her Doctoral Degree in the United States.

She is currently the Director of the Center for Gifted and Talented Indonesia (CGTI), President of the Galilee Cipta Indonesia Foundation, and Associate Director of Galilee Continuing Education.

She has a huge passion and dreams for education in Indonesia. Her passion for education sparked even more when she became alarmed when both her children showed failing grades and were unmotivated in their studies.

It turned out that the reason behind it was because they are highly intellectual and can be categorized as gifted people. They needed modification in the way they learn but it is difficult to find a school that supports gifted learners.

With her experience, connection, and passion, she founded the Noble Academy to provide education for children in accordance with their personal characters, needs, and passions.

Eunike Saliman, S.Hum, M.M |Principal

Eunike Saliman has been involved in the education field for over ten years and has been with Noble Academy for over two years. Her experience in the education field ranges from being a tutor, a homeroom teacher, to a curriculum coordinator.

This experience makes her aware of the needs of each student with different talents, needs, and passions that needs to be addressed by having a different, personalized way of learning.

She holds different educational certifications, such as Certified Google Educator by Google for Education, Apple Teacher Certification by Apple Teacher Learning Center, and receives several trainings in the topic of gifted education, the use of technology in teaching and learning, and the use of different learning methodologies in modern education.

Eunike Saliman - Koordinator Kurikulum Noble Academy

“Study at Noble Academy and
have the personalized learning journey for gifted and talented children.”