Nancy Dinar

Executive Director of
Noble Academy / Center
for Gifted and Talented
Indonesia (CGTI)

Welcome to Noble Academy

Having a gifted child is undoubtedly a blessing but at the same time a challenge. Giftedness, marked with the exceptional abilities and out of norm capacities is often creates the need for learning differentiation from the regular curriculum. Gifted children need guidance to cultivate their potentials and develop them into talents just like any other children, as opposed the common misconception that they gifted children do not need intervention becasue they already smart. When giftedness in a child is identified early and nurtured appropriately, she/he will be able to produce extraordinary achievements and be content with own self later.

Noble Academy begins with a noble purpose in mind. As the pioneer on Gifted and Talented Education in Indonesia, we provide the best support for gifted children based on comprehensive understanding on their intellectual, emotional and social needs. We believe that
every child is unique and there are many dimensions of giftedness as well as there are multiple intelligences, a child may possess one or more area of intelligence that needs to discover and develop. A gifted child should be nurtured by parents, teachers, and professionals who were trained to understand their strengths and weaknesses in a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment.

Lastly, being gifted does not only mean that we have given something, but it also means that we have something to give. Our earnest hope that in the future, there will be outstanding leaders, inventors, philosophers, thinkers, creators, philanthropists and artists who were born in this country that can perform globally and give contribution for a better world.