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Financial Aid

Every child deserves the best education for their future. That’s why Noble Academy works closely with partners and sponsors who care about their education. The scholarship is a program of providing educational funds to children who excel both academically and non-academically (sports, arts). And the scholarship are given based on need and are evaluated regularly.

Criteria for Noble Academy Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to prospective students who meet one of the following criteria:

1. Prospective students who have high potential

  • Prospective students who have high potential with a minimum IQ of 140.

2. Prospective students who have talents in the fields of Sports and Creative Arts:

  • Have talent in Sports and Creative Arts (music, painting, dance, etc.).
  • Have regular programs for talent development initiated by parents (courses, training, championships, etc.).
  • Have won competitions both nationally and internationally.
  • Have an IQ score above the average.

3. Prospective students who have talent in the academic field

  • Awarded to prospective students who excel in Math, Science, and Language.
  • Have won competitions both nationally and internationally.
  • Have the work that has been published
  • Two years in a row being ranked in the top 3 in the class (with a minimum of 20 students).
  • Have taken a psychological test with an IQ score above the average.

“I have made lots of improvements in the years since I joined Noble Academy. At Noble Academy, they give us a good impression of online school. Using new format apps gives me a whole new different experience. It is fun that I can use my iPad for study all day and do it wherever I want to! Noble Academy has good teachers that keep the school gifted and talented for students!”

Jonathan Noble Academy

– Jonathan

Grade 5 , Elementary Student

Requirements for Noble Academy Scholarship

As for getting the scholarship, prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  • Create a Portfolio that contains a collection of works or achievements that have been achieved.
  • Assessment from a Psychologist.
  • Video Showcase or Presentation.
  • Include a Certificate or Award.
  • Take the Noble Academy entrance test.
  • Reports for the last 3 years.

School and Testimony

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