To produce fully functioning gifted and talented individuals who are competent as researchers, thinkers, inventors, and leaders that contribute to our society.


  • To identify qualified individuals for advanced programs by using a holistic approach of identification.
  • To deliver programs based on individualized educational plan and best learning approaches.
  • To offer a safe and secure learning environment that foster self-regulated learning.
  • To provide well-trained teachers in gifted education that understand both academic and social-emotional needs of gifted and talented students.
  • To promote friendship with like-minded peers and opportunities to build a life-long connection.
  • To support parents of gifted and talented children in providing positive parenting.
  • To develop appropriate professional development opportunities for educators and school administrators.


  • Giftedness and talent refer to students’ potential to become independent and creatively productive people.
  • We recognize unique personalities and specific learning styles of gifted and talented students. The gifted and talented students’ needs should be recognized and catered to, therefore we create an environment that is conducive to recognize students’ emerging strengths, talents, and interests through an ongoing process.
  • Identification of giftedness and talent should be an ongoing process which is positive, inclusive, and dynamic. Identification of all psychological aspects contributing to giftedness and talent is the bases to design a program to nurture the gifted and talented students’ talents and interests.
  •  Learning processes should be modified  within and extend beyond the regular program catering to gifted and talented students’ specific learning needs in order to provide a positive learning experience to actualize their potentials into outstanding accomplishments.  We are committed to provide a systematic and deliberate program catering to those needs.
  • Special educational services provide for expanding and enhancing learning opportunities in talent development.  Exposure to a wide variety of opportunities and experiences enhancing the students’ talents and interests is crucial, therefore the need to provide an enriched and extending learning opportunity for gifted and talented students.


    • Personalized learning plan through curriculum differentiation to catering to unique students’ needs.
    • Enrichment (enriching learning materials, processes, and products across subjects that go beyond the existing curriculum).
    • Acceleration (curriculum compacting or accelerated progression faster than the norm).
    • Independent study (self-directed learning where students take more active participation in designing and managing their own learning).
    • Mentorship (extend learning opportunities through in-depth study with an expert).
    • Problem-based Learning (curriculum or instruction that asks students to solve real world, complex, open-ended problems by using research, decision making, creativity and critical thinking).
    • Project-based learning (curriculum or Instruction that encourage students to learn and apply knowledge & skills an engaging experience).