vision mission at noble academy

Vision, Objectives & Philosophy


To produce fully functioning gifted and talented individuals who are competent as global and influential researchers, thinkers, inventors, and leaders


  • Identify qualified individuals for the advanced program
  • Promote friendship with like-minded peers
  • Deliver programs based on best learning approaches
  • Support parents in providing positive parenting
  • Offer a safe and secure learning environment
  • Professional development for educators and school administrators
  • Provide well-trained teachers that understand the needs of gifted and talented students

“I feel like I’m not alone at Noble Academy, they are really welcoming and warm, I can focus more on my studies at Noble Academy because there are fewer people distracting me.”

Eldo Noble Academy testimony

– Eldo

Eldo, Grade 9 (Middle School)


  • Giftedness and talent refer to students’ potential to become independent and creatively productive people
  • Learning process should be modified beyond the regular program to provide a positive learning experience
  • We recognize the unique personality and specific learning styles of gifted and talented students
  • Students should be exposed to a variety of opportunities and experiences in order to enhance their talents and interests
  • Identification of all psychological aspects contributing to giftedness and talent is the bases to design a program to nurture the gifted and talented students’ talents and interests

School and Testimony

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