Noble has a unique way of teaching and we can easily adapt to Noble. I can easily understand what the teacher is teaching because they explain the subject clearly and make good assignments that will make us understand the subject. The school is still going on in the pandemic and they still have a good way to teach the students even though it is online. The school is homeschooling but we still have friends which is good. The school also teaches behavior to students so we can have good behavior in the future. The teachers are very nice and try really hard to make us understand. They also use a really good application like Google Classroom for giving us the link and assignments, Google hangouts for chatting and telling us important information, and Google meet for calling and attending the class. Passion projects are one of the best subjects because we make our own project. Sometimes it is exciting and sometimes it makes me  nervous, because it gives us freedom to choose Project and we need to present it in front of many people.