I like Noble Academy because it is different from other schools. Noble Academy lets the students use iPad in school hours to do class activities such as researching and exploring the world it’s students want to know about with VR and/or AR. Even when the pandemic hit, Noble Academy still allows us to use the iPad at home to have the online class meetings. I love all subjects I have at Noble Academy, especially the Passion Projects because the students can pick a topic we really want for every project and do research about it for 5 weeks. We can present the progress and result we make in each project both live in front of audiences. Online learning does not hinder us from doing this Passion Project the way we do it in an onsite class setting. The differences are that the project showcase is done virtually using Zoom and the project final presentation video which we publish online for digital project portfolio and make it possible for wider audiences to see our project. I also enjoy S.T.E.M class in which we do hands-on experiments about science, my favorite subject, in addition to the Science class where I learn fascinating theories or facts about nature. Small group classes at Noble Academy helps me to focus on the lessons and be less distracted to get my work done.