This is my first year at Noble academy. Everything went well with me all this year in Noble Academy, although I found my expectations were too high. I did not know how to use any Google service besides the Google Classroom. I even did not know how to attach files in Google Classroom for the task submission since we just filled out a provided Google Form in my previous school. The school advised me to use my iPad but I just kept using my computer since I was used to it . The bad thing is I always forgot to do my homework. I need to work harder with my time management in order to perform better task submission in this online learning setting. I also realized that none of my friends do cubes (solve Rubik’s cubes). So, I just ended up going to my friends at my previous school for cube. However, here in Noble Academy, I did a project in which I told audiences about cubes, my experiences with cubes to make them know cube better than before. I had solved most of my problems with my learning in the second semester. I remember doing my homework better than before and trying to pay better attention in class. Despite that, I still prefer the onsite class setting.