Learning at Noble Academy is a really fun experience. I really enjoy being here as it is fun and also enjoyable. We learn something new and also learn some subjects that not all schools have, like the Passion Project. This subject requires us to make a project and present it in front of teachers, other students and parents, which upgrades our public speaking skills. Not only that, it also helps us to show our creativity by choosing an interesting topic we are curious about, making the presentation slides and/or videos creatively, and presenting it with confidence in front of audiences in a showcase. Besides that, we also have other typical subjects. We learn deeper about climate change and we think of ideas to solve problems about nature in Science class. The way we have the lesson also interests me. We can play games that help us learn about the topics like a quiz, escape room game and other learning-related stuff. I also have some friends whom I play together sometimes, even online, and I would love to have more.