I have made lots of improvements in the years since I joined Noble Academy. At Noble Academy, they give us a good impression of online school. Using new format apps gives me a whole new different experience. It is fun that I can use my iPad for study all day and do it wherever I want to! Noble Academy has good teachers that keep the school gifted and talented for students! This school has a unique schedule for all students. I personally like the monthly passion projects, it gives us feedback and questions throughout the projects. I have seen my presentation and me getting better, more sensible and more comfortable talking to the audience. In the first year I remember that I didn’t have any idea what I was doing on powerpoint, word, iMovie and how it works. But on a monthly passion project using apps I finally can make a presentation, I can type scripts and in this year I learned about editing videos on monthly presentations. I feel accomplished, talented, gifted, and mostly challenged.