Noble Academy has given me a wonderful opportunity and experience in my high school. Noble Academy also gives me a chance to explore many things on my own.  Every month, we have to do a project called “Passion Project”. There, we are allowed to choose our own project that’s related to our passion. At the end of the project we have the opportunity to present our project in front of parents, friends, teachers, and other guests. Passion project has improved my skills a lot. Not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical. I have also learned about the 21st century skills that might be needed in the future, such as time management skill, research skill, money management skill, and many more. At Noble Academy, the teachers are friendly and they like to help me whenever I struggle with my tasks. Sometimes they would also like to ask us to work on our own, in order to be independent. They taught us to be responsible for our tasks and always encourage us to reach our full potential. Most of my friends are boys, but that doesn’t limit our relationship. Most of us are talkative, and because of that, we are all active in participating in the class. We often have a fun discussion, and share our opinion about it. So far, it is such a good pleasure and opportunity to spend my 3 years of high school at Noble Academy.