Before I entered Noble Academy, I felt reluctant to enter that school because there are not many students there and the school is far from my house. Knowing that Noble is “different” than other schools in Indonesia makes me feel curious. I did a test and unexpectedly passed the test that most people can’t. Because my parents also wanted me to study there and look for my talents or abilities, so I decided to study there. For me  the comparison between learning in schools in general in Jakarta and Noble is very different. Most of the people are friendly and nice even though I already know most of them from the same church. There we use an iPad or digital device for our daily learning and every month there is a passion project. For me, a passion project is one thing which has many benefits for all of us, not only to find out what we are interested in but also it improves our speaking skills. Noble Academy is a place where people have goals and a place where they are engaged, a place where they are planning to be for the next few years, and a place where we find out what we are interested in to find out who we are.