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Noble Academy is the pioneer in Gifted and Talented Education in Indonesia, we provide the best support for gifted children based on a comprehensive understanding of their intellectual, emotional, and social needs. These are what they say about Noble Academy.

School for The Gifted & Talented Children

If you have a gifted and talented child, it is important to find the right school for them. Not all schools are created equal when it comes to educating gifted and talented children. Some schools are better equipped to meet the needs of these students.

Listen to our students about the things they love about studying at Noble Academy.

Noble Academy Vision for The Children

If you have a gifted child, it is important to find the right educational institution that can help them thrive and reach their full potential.

A school for gifted children can provide the perfect environment for your child to thrive and learn. At Noble Academy, your child will be able to engage in challenging coursework and collaborate with peers who share their interests and abilities.

Noble Academy Offers Gifted Education for Children

Noble Academy offers a challenging curriculum. This is important because gifted children often get bored easily and need to be challenged in order to stay engaged.

Noble Academy provides personalized education for children. Gifted children often need more individual attention in order to reach their full potential, and smaller classes with personalized education can provide that.

Gifted Education from Parents Perspective

If you are the parent of a gifted and talented child, you know that they are special. They often have prodigious talents in one or more areas, and they learn quickly and easily.

Gifted children can sometimes be bored in regular schools because the curriculum is not challenging enough for them. That’s why it’s important to find a gifted and talented children’s school that can offer them the right level of challenge and stimulation.

Gifted and Talented Children Often Misunderstood

Gifted children are often misunderstood. Many parents don’t know how to handle their gifted children and they often miss out on important opportunities.

But what if you don’t realize that you have a gifted child?

Mrs. Nancy had this similar experience with both of her children, Joel and Matthew before deciding that education for gifted children should be build.

Parent of Gifted and Talented Children’s testimonial

Parents often wonder if it is worth it to send their children to a gifted and talented school. The answer is a resounding “yes!”

There are many benefits of sending your child to a gifted and talented school, including increased academic achievement and opportunities for social and emotional development.

Listen to Mrs. Lim Chia Chia’s testimonial about Devin’s progress in Noble Academy.

Interview with The Experts

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