• Students with very high intelligence, with a score of 2% to 5% percentile (120-130 or higher) for Gifted and Talented Programs.
  • Students with the potential to be superior, intelligent, study-loving and students with high curiosity even though they may not have a high 1Q when tested.
  • The age of the student according to the intended grade.

How We Identify a Gifted Child

  • Students with exceptionally high intelligence, typically have IQ score 2% to 5% percentile (120-130 or higher).
  • Academically gifted learners or academically precocious, do exceptionally well in classroom activities and assignments, enjoy learning and academic challenges, and demonstrate persistence and high motivation when facing academic challenges. Their IQ could range 120 to 130 or higher.
  • Students with high potential to excel. They recognized by their teachers and others as bright or quick learners, hardworking, highly curious about the world around them. They don’t have high IQ when tested, and their academic performance may also below outstanding. Yet they convey latent, hidden, and underdeveloped high ability. They are the uncut and unpolished “diamonds in the rough”.
Adapted from the “Essentials of Gifted Assessment”
(Steven I. Pfeiffer)